Vistuino Packets

Many times you need to send multiple elements via serial and let another component read it (asside from human eyes). You can try to send them all with a delimiter and than parse them on the receiving part, but that means the receiving part needs to know the delimiter and how many items and location of the items. That is where Packets with Visuino are coming handy and useful.

With Visuino Packets, you declare what type of elements you want to send (all are in binary form) and than connect the elmements or pin outputs that you want to send.

Visuino Packet Fields Option

Than you need to setup the header, that way the unpacket will be able to parse it out. Very simaler on how TCP packets are working just not with the extra layers.
Visuino Packet Header Setup

On the receivng side I choose to use Delphi with Mitov software packages to support Communication and Ploting.

After creating a VLC project, dropping view components (ComPort, Terminal, Pin Binding, Labels, button and comboBox), I wrote a litle bit of code to tie everything together

Delphi Form Setup
Delphi Unpacket And Header
Pin Binding Manager
Open Wire Manager
Delphi Code

You can watch my video explaining in more detail how to use the packets in Visuino and Delphi here:

You can also download Visuino Code and Delphi Code