Who Is RoboPapa?

There are two things I'm truly 100%, hands down, no doubt (should I continue?) passionate about:
  • Robots
  • My family - two beautiful girls and my wife
Of course not in that order.
That is how I came up with RoboPapa name (Robots and Father / Papa).

My goal with this site, and my YouTube channel, is to teach and share my knowledge with whomever wants to
hear / read / see it.

I'm very interested in:
  • - All kinds of it
  • - Since my early 20's, I have been interested in robotics and AI and sought out a way to build one (yes I found a way, by doing my masters :) )
  • - I got my first 3D printer from FlashForge (see my channel for un-boxing, building it and setting up the software
  • - Mainly C# but I also hope to upload code about:
    • C - probably will cover this with Raspberry Pi
    • Arduino - likely getting into C with Arduino
    • Javascript
  • - After all I have two kids, how can we pass on that

I will try to keep up with my YouTube channel as well as coding by uploading code samples to the site.

If there is a topic you would like me to cover, or if you have an idea of a project by no means let me know! Send to: project  at  robopapa.com

As part of my dual masters degree in Robotics/ AI and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) I have published two papers and a thesis.
Here is the information about the papers:
If you have any questions or recommendations (project ideas etc) you can contact me at: info at robopapa.com or just leave me a message on google+