Web Camera Holder

I wanted to have a modular web camera holder that I can use to rotate on X-axis and Z-axis that way I can attach it to a robot (humanoid, remote controlled car etc) to look for objects specifically or act as "eyes" in general.

I'm sure there are other design out there but this is what I came up with.

If you look at the layout, there are two parts:

  • Inner Part - where the camera is going to reside. This part is connected to the servo as well as a support beam that way it will still be able to rotate. This will be the X-axis
  • Outer Part - this is where we will connect the servos to give us 2 DOF (Degrees of Freedom). The X-axis will be attached on the right side, where I created the servo cavity for it, while the Z-axis will just attached to the bottom part (although most application might not need it)
  • Web Camera Holder Outer Layout
    Outer Layout
  • Web Camera Holder Inner Layout
    Inner Layout

Download STL files