Slic3r Setup

What is Slic3r?

Slic3r is a slicing software that take STL files (3D modeling that you can create with CAD software such as AutoDesk 123D and generate gcode file that 3D printers can read and run. All that the gcode file contains is properties about the print and which X,Y,Z coordinates the printer should move the motors to.

After installing Slic3r you will want to setup the software and create printer profile, filament profiles (ABS, PLA etc) but also you will want to setup some gcode to attach to the beginning of each gcode and the end of the gcode. If you followed my video Flash Forge Pro Software Setup I have referenced the setup files. You can now download them here:
Setup files for left extruder
Slic3r Start Left.txt
Slic3r End Left.txt
Setup files for right extruder
Slic3r Start Right.txt
Slic3r End Right.txt